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What Clients Have to Say:

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“Matthew is an incredible empath and master organizer!” -Dennisha (Permaculture Teacher)


“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Before this weekend I had the idea that for things to move, for release and growth to happen that it has to be Big, Harsh, Intense…and my experience here has just deflated (thankfully) that notion. Indeed the rebirth word that came to me was GENTLE, so after all, I would say, don’t change a thing, it was perfect.” -Sydney (Community Organizer)


“Matthew is a gifted guide to usher us through our birth onto this planet and through our own healing. Deeply intuitive, Matthew listened to our stories and offered creative somatic experiences to hold us and wrap us in radical love and acceptance. His methods are unlike any I have ever encountered, I am changed. Through this work, I contacted my inner mother and father, who will continue to whisper in my ear as I embark on my own journey towards Parenthood.” -Salina (Mindfulness Teacher/Activist)


“I truly believe that this is some of the most important work to be done on the planet right now. When we heal our own birth stories and remember our rightness in being here, and our connection to & support from every thing around us, everything begins to shift. I highly recommend this work to everyone and encourage you to trust Matthew to guide you through your process. His gentle, nurturing presence allowed us all to feel safe and drop deeply into the experience. He weaves his extensive somatic therapy background with his natural intuitive abilities to guide each participant into a profound visceral experience of being held & supported, free & empowered to be themselves. His knowledge of the human body and graceful and humorous nature made absorbing the material easy, and the many movement exercises allowed it to fully drop into embodied wisdom. Thank you Matthew for this profound healing experience, that will ripple out into the future generations!” – Lizzy (Relationship Life Coach)


“I had a Family Constellation session with Matthew recently, and it is still integrating and affecting my life in positive ways. I first noticed how remarkably healing it was to watch different parts of myself (emotions, feelings, organs, and relationships) be physically embodied outside of myself by Matthew. He verbally described relationships exactly the way I felt them. He is truly gifted at guiding, with a listening heart, through very challenging life patterns, beliefs, and experiences. Together we were able to see how the way I was orienting towards old (and present) relationships were hindering my expressions of love and confidence. Then we physically and energetically rearranged those relationships into a more supportive positions as we addressed the long held wounds behind them. This all happened in just one session! Matthew is very talented and skilled at using a wide variety of trainings and healing modalities to cater to the evolution of each situation in the session. It really does feel like he could handle any healing scenario with grace and ease. I left him feeling seen, supported, loved, and transformed. It’s clear to me that Matthew is a true healer and is highly trained to help many people with their personal healing journeys. -Sage (Yoga Teacher and Healer)


“Matthew is an highly intuitive alchemist. He perceives and cares for me with an acuity that enables me to resurrect that which is most precious within me; my undefended embodied knowing and expression of Self. Matthew’s intuition, care, skill, and presence are more attuned than any other practitioner I have experienced. He is a gift, and I feel blessed to be working with him. The work we are doing is subtle yet profound. I am amazed at how slowing things down, focusing on sensation, and allowing myself to be witnessed is transforming my life. I am feeling innate wisdom arising from within me. This is who I have always wanted to be: me.” -Lea (Web Designer)
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