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* The Living Bridges work is not psychotherapy and is not a substitute for psychotherapy. Rather it focuses on building and maintaining the best possible state for general well-being. Embodied coaching and spiritual counseling clients are responsible for informing their psychotherapists and physicians of their decision to work with Matthew in a healing capacity.


* The client is in charge at all times, dictating the pace of unfolding.


* CONSENT: I always make it a priority to continuously check in and create explicit and informed consent for anything we chose to discuss or explore together. That being said, if the client requests light touch therapy (similar to energy work or Reiki) as part of the healing process, the client also agrees to take responsibility for communicating a desire to end the physical contact at any time he/she wishes. This can be done at any point in time and for any reason at all. No explanation need be given.


* RESPONSIBILITY: Oppositional, hostile, disrespectful or unsafe behavior will not be tolerated. Anyone exhibiting the above unacceptable behavior will be asked to leave immediately, no refunds, no exceptions. If you have a medical, emotional, psychological or spiritual condition that may in any way undermine your ability to take complete responsibility for your behavior, please inform Matthew in advance of this condition. He will do his best to refer you to more appropriate support.


* For massage clients (CA only), clients will remain fully clothed or draped under a massage sheet at all times. While Matthew honors the sacred sensuality of all clients and encourages health and healing in this arena, injecting explicitly sexual energy into the client/practitioner relationship damages the integrity of the container and will not be tolerated.


* Your feedback is welcome at any time. I work for you, and your voice is vital to the process. Many tools, techniques and processes are available in this collaborative healing journey and we co-create this work together.




For one-on-one sessions, I have a sliding scale. For a 60-minute session , my fee ranges from $75-$100, and for a 90-minute session from $115-$150.
Deeper Dive spiritual counseling sessions are 3 – 5 hours at a time and $350 – $500.
It is important to me that this work be available to all those who need it, regardless of finances. If my rates are prohibitive for you, please contact me and we can work out a mutually-beneficial exchange.




I require 24 hours notice for private session cancellations. Sessions cancelled within that window will be charged at 50%. With more than 24 hours notice, I am happy to reschedule your session.
For Oakland “Deep Dive” spiritual counseling sessions, I require a week’s cancellation as I am traveling from out of state.




All Colorado clients must read, sign and return disclosure forms at our initial meeting before we can begin any work together. If you are unable to print and bring these forms to our first session, I will have copies available to you. We will review and sign them together before the start of our session.
Please download forms HERE.
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