Matthew Cavanna

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About Matthew Cavanna:

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Matthew Cavanna

A bridge-builder by nature, Matthew Cavanna has synthesized diverse trainings in shamanism, spirituality, performance, contact improvisation, bodywork, various somatic therapies, trauma and attachment theories, limbic imprint recoding and conscious birth practices into a method he calls Living Bridges. Within this container, Matthew works with individuals and groups exploring the intersection of healing, birth, prayer, play, touch and movement.

A graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, Matthew Cavanna is a founding member of the Movement Medicine Collective and the long-running Ecstatic Dance in Grass Valley, CA. Over the course of his journey as a healer, Matthew has received in-depth training in massage and somatic therapies, Attachment Theory, Body-Mind Centering, Emotional Freedom Technique, Family Constellations, and Jon Eisman’s Re-Creation of the Self Method and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. As a Birth into Being Facilitator, Matthew is able to use his insights into the power of the conscious birthing field to help individuals and companies clear their creative pathways for whatever projects they are “birthing” into the world. Matthew is also a licensed minister and Spiritual Leader of Medicine Path Affiliate Branch Church, with blessings given by George “Gray Eagle” Bertlestein on January 2017.

Deeply committed to an embodied life, Matthew Cavanna helps those he works with increase their presence in all areas. By anchoring through the conduit of the body, his work grounds them in the power and wisdom at their center. Matthew is always humbled to bear witness to the depth of his client’s lives and he is committed to being worthy of the trust that is placed in him.

To read more about Matthew’s path and influences, you can click HERE.

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