Family Constellations: Composting our Ancestral Soil.

Family Constellations is a healing system developed by Burt Hellinger that are designed to unwind systemic entanglements within Families, Businesses, and any other organization . The principle with families, is that when there has been an unaddressed trauma in a family system in a previous generation (like abuse, war, exile, suicide, divorce, etc), the results of that trauma will often manifest unconsciously in the future generations, even if they did not know the ancestor personally.

When there has been wounding within our family of origin or our ancestry, Family Constellations are very useful to discharge stuck energy in those systems and unwind entanglements to allow for the proper flow of energy from our ancestors through us and into future generations.

The family systems is like the soil that our roots grow in, and when that soil is compacted or full of toxins, it becomes something that we cannot draw nourishment from, and thus limits our thriving. One could think of constellations as a way of composting our family soil.  Literally aerating it by turning it over and looking at it so that the un-metabolized experiences can be broken down into something that can nourish us.

Soil is by its nature, unconscious and collective. Constellations help to make the unconscious material of the family or other system visible so that we can understand it.

Just as plants share soil between them, so do all family members. So it is fair to say that when we shift the soil for ourselves, we shift it for everyone in our family system in all directions (because the soil is collective). So it affects not only our own lives, but our ancestors and all of the future generations that will draw nourishment from our efforts.

Constellations help us make use of this incarnate life to effect meaningful healing for ourselves and the whole stream of our families.

January 13, 2015

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