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Embodiment Birthshop

Saturday August 18, 2016. Oakland, CA

No matter what your birth was like, the birthshop experience can help to create a new and more nourishing Limbic Imprint. Instead of trying to fix the old “programming” (by re-living the initial shock of being born), it’s most effective to just acquire a whole new vivid, rich, wonderful and sweet birth experience!

Matthew is certified in the Birth Into Being Method created by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova. This method helps individuals have the felt experience of being conceived, gestated, and born in love and natural ecstasy. The Birthshop combines seminar/guided mediation/movement/breathing exercise/role-playing… and it’s fun!

Learn more about limbic imprinting and attachment, click here and to read more about Elena’s work click here.



An Embodied Exploration of Attachment Theory

Dates TBA. Oakland, CA

Connections are intrinsic to life. The quality of our earliest connections affects the quality of our life and influences how we interact with ourselves and others. In this workshop, we use attachment theory, contact improvisation, and mindfulness as a lense through which to:

  • Explore our attachment styles (Secure, Anxious, Avoidant, Disorganized).
  • Gain insight into the organizing beliefs behind these styles.
  • Practice establishing clear boundaries for touch.
  • Expand our capacity to give and receive support from our center.
  • Feel into the barriers we may have towards nourishment in intimacy
  • Begin to provide the missing experiences we need to become more secure.

Featured Testimonial

"Matthew is a gifted guide to usher us through our birth onto this planet and through our own healing.Deeply intuitive, Matthew listened to our stories and offered creative somatic experiences to hold us and wrap us in radical love and acceptance. His methods are unlike any I have ever encountered, I am changed."



Upcoming Birthshops

12:00 pm I~You~We : The Architecture of I... @ The Sawtooth Building (WESTERN SKY STUDIO)
I~You~We : The Architecture of I... @ The Sawtooth Building (WESTERN SKY STUDIO)
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I~You~We : The Architecture of Intimacy @ The Sawtooth Building (WESTERN SKY STUDIO)  | Berkeley | California | United States
The Architecture of Intimacy A day long embodied exploration of human attachment through the lens of mindfulness and contact improvisation with a specific focus on the relationship between form and feelings in solo, partnered and group movement. This will be a chance to explore more “meaty” and physical connections in dance[...]
10:00 am Embodiment Birthshop @ Oakland Hills, SF Bay Area
Embodiment Birthshop @ Oakland Hills, SF Bay Area
Dec 9 @ 10:00 am – Dec 10 @ 6:00 pm
Embodiment Birthshop @ Oakland Hills, SF Bay Area | San Antonio | Texas | United States
IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO HAVE A HAPPY BIRTH This two day Birthshop is for: Anyone who wants more love, connection, and purpose in life and who feels that there is something holding them back. Expectant parents, especially Mothers and Fathers who want to give their babies a head start[...]
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