* The client is in charge at all times, dictating the pace of unfolding.

* For massage, clients will remain fully clothed or draped under a massage sheet at all times.

* Feedback is welcome at any time. I work for you and your voice is vital to the process.

* I want to help you in accessing and claiming the full range of your sensations and experience, including your sensuality. However there is a distinction between sensual and sexual energy and, in my opinion, injecting explicitly sexual energy into the client/practitioner relationship damages the integrity of the container.



For one-on-one sessions, I have a sliding scale. For a 60-minute session , my fee ranges from $75-$100, and for a 90-minute session from $115-$150.

It is important to me that this work be available to all those who need it, regardless of finances. If my rates are prohibitive for you, please contact me and we can work out a mutually-beneficial exchange.



I require 24 hours notice for private session cancellations. Sessions cancelled within that window will be charged at 50%. With more than 24 hours notice, I am happy to reschedule your session.

Featured Testimonial

"I highly recommend this work to everyone and encourage you to trust Matthew to guide you through your process. His gentle, nurturing presence allowed us all to feel safe and drop deeply into the experience. He weaves his extensive somatic therapy background with his natural intuitive abilities to guide each participant into a profound visceral experience of being held & supported, free & empowered to be themselves."Read more

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