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Embodied Coaching and Spiritual Counseling

Living Bridges is a healing modality weaving together fifteen years of education in Mind/Body practices. This form of embodied coaching and spiritual counseling gives clients access to the resources they need to create and maintain healthy, happy, and enduring relationships with themselves and their bodies, hearts, partners, families, ancestors, and ecosystems. My goal is to help you experience balance and harmony in all aspects of your life.

This work is for individuals and couples seeking support with…

• Navigating life transitions
• Healing disengagement and numbness
• Connecting to the sacred
• Cultivating joy and resiliency
• Healing the roots of unhealthy/addictive patterns
• Building and maintaining healthy relationships
• Moving beyond trauma (physical, sexual, emotional)
• Feeling present, safe, and at home in their bodies
• Creating a more balanced life
• Increasing capacity for intimacy
Living Bridges’ embodied coaching sessions weave together a wide range of kinetic, energetic and spiritual healing techniques and life coaching modalities. There is no pre-determined script, and you direct the pacing of the work.
We will co-create our journeys using the tools that are most appropriate to your particular needs and level of comfort, and sessions look very different from person to person. No matter what tools we use, the goal will be the same: to liberate your aliveness and increase your ability to be present and creative in all aspects of your life. 

What to Expect

During our first few sessions, we will discuss your goals, your current experience, your current resources, and your definition of success. Once that process is complete we will develop an action plan together. Through this process we set the container for our work and establish clear agreements and boundaries.  This will support the organic unfolding of the work and guide the modalities we work with.

Creating Safety

After years of working with clients I have come to realize that creating a safe space enables individuals to access their own innate healing abilities.  In sessions we create safety together by continually checking in about how you are feeling. It is important that we move at a pace that allows you to process and integrate the work.
In my experience, session work that doesn’t allow for integration can further perpetuate disorganization in the nervous system. Together, we have to respect where you are at, and what your nervous systems currently needs. You are in charge, in every moment. I am here to serve you.

Contact me to schedule a FREE 30 minute phone or skype session to find out how I can support your healing journey.

* Living Bridges Embodied Coaching and Spiritual Counseling is not psychotherapy and does not take the place of psychotherapy. Colorado clients, please read my disclosure statement HERE and my Coaching agreement HERE. Learn more about the Living Bridges method HERE.
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