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Living Bridges is rooted in the truth that each human being is a bridge, whose essence is connection. We are bridges between self and other, spirit and matter, mind and body, between our ancestors and future generations and between dreams and manifest reality. We are fundamentally and at all times inextricably connected. These connections, while implicit, are not always optimal, life-enhancing, or conscious. Our question then becomes: how do we skillfully navigate the complexity of these myriad connections from a place of creativity, honesty and power?

The main premise of Living Bridges is that most disease and suffering on any level is the result of perceived isolation and disconnection of a part from the whole, or an obsession with the whole in a way that denies the sanctity and autonomy of a part.

For example, when a young woman has to compromise her essence to conform to the expectations of her parents, the living bridge between the whole (the family) and the part (the individual) has been compromised and all suffer. Or when a child, who is born primed to receive love and attunement, is instead met by an invasive and harsh environment, that child is forced to disconnect from his own feeling capacity. In that case, the bridge between the child’s nervous system and the surrounding world is damaged and it may becomes difficult for that child to feel safe in connection.

The work I have developed to bridge these disconnections is a synthesis of many dynamic healing and embodiment processes including: Hakomi, somatic therapies, RCS, Limbic Imprint Recoding, Shamanism, Yoga, Contact Improvisation, Ecstatic Dance, and Family Constellations. At its essence, Living Bridges helps you to establish yourself in the powerful wisdom and energy at your center and source. From the vantage point of deep connection to center and source, we can integrate the seemingly fragmented parts of our lives into a more harmonious whole.

Through classes, one-on-one sessions, workshops and retreats, Living Bridges will inspire and support you to live a courageous, fulfilled, and deeply connected life.

Living Bridges

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" Matthew is very talented and skilled at using a wide variety of trainings and healing modalities to cater to the evolution of each situation in the session. It really does feel like he could handle any healing scenario with grace and ease. I left him feeling seen, supported, loved, and transformed. It's clear to me that Matthew is a true healer and highly trained to help many people with their personal healing journeys."Read more


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