By embracing the past,

Through the present,

We can change the future.


For those seeking more vitality, connection, and embodiment… Welcome to Living Bridges.

Living Bridges is a healing modality rooted in the understanding that our essence is connection. We are bridges between past and future, self and other, mind and body, spirit and matter, dreams and reality. Anchored in our own inner wisdom, we work together to cultivate connections that are conscious and life-enhancing.

I am here to support you with:

 Feeling safe and at home in your body
 Consciously preparing for parenthood
 Building and maintaining thriving relationships
 Connecting to the sacred
 Cultivating joy and resiliency
 Working with trauma (birth, physical, emotional)
 Creating a more balanced life
 Increasing your capacity for intimacy

Find out how I can help you come home to yourself

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Private sessions weave together 15 years experience with:

Contact Improvisation
Somatic Practices
Limbic Imprint Recoding
Family Constellations
The Hakomi Method
Practical Shamanism
Body-Mind Centering
Massage Therapy
Mindfulness Practices
Expressive Arts

Here’s what client say…

I left Matthew feeling seen, supported, loved, and transformed. It’s clear to me that Matthew is a true healer and highly trained to help many people with their personal healing journeys.

-Sage, Yoga Teacher

Matthew listened to our stories and offered creative somatic experiences to hold us and wrap us in radical love and acceptance. His methods are unlike any I have ever encountered, I am changed.

-Salina, Teacher & Activist

Featured Testimonial

"Thank you so much for creating and holding a space for me to safely explore and connect."


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